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As most cities do, Hollywood came from humble beginnings, starting as a small adobe house on the edge of Los Angeles in 1853. What is now synonymous with glitz and glamour was once a successful agricultural community.


It is said that the name “Hollywood” came from Daeida Wilcox, wife of real estate tycoon Harvey Henderson Wilcox, who heard about a town in Ohio of the same name. She loved the moniker so much that she named her ranch after the fabled town. It stuck ­and the rest became Hollywood history.


Movies didn’t make their debut in Los Angeles until the early 1900s. The 1910 short film, In Old California, was the first movie made entirely in Los Angeles. Sunset Boulevard became home to the first motion picture studio in 1911. Hollywood swiftly became the idyllic spot for movie producers trying to escape Thomas Edison’s movie production patents. The climate was also much more favorable than the harsh seasons of the East coast while the landscape provided the perfect backdrop.


By 1920, the Golden Age of Hollywood had arrived, bringing with it a certain sense of prestige and fame. The introduction of sound in the 1920s revolutionized the moviemaking industry. The Golden Age reached its peak in the 1930s. Even through the Great Depression, people flocked to movie theaters for a moment of joy and respite. An estimated 80 million people went to the movies each week.


The Golden Age of Hollywood is the era most remembered. Glitz, glam, fame, notoriety and sordid affairs mingled together to create an illustrious illusion. Many traveled far and wide for fame and to stake their claim in Tinseltown. Most ran out of money, but the ones who made it were larger than life.


They say legends never die, and in Hollywood they are forever immortalized on the silver screen. The Hollywood Hills stand as a testament to the first legendary stars and starlets. Here at the Villa Carlotta their energy lives on. Can you feel it?





In the heart of Hollywood, situated in Franklin Village, sits the cultural monument that is Villa Carlotta. Why choose this cozy, yet elegant perch as your summer stay? The moment your eyes rest on this beauty with its gilded foundations you’ll understand there’s no need for such a question – but we’ll answer it anyway.


Illustrious Glamour

Since 1926, Villa Carlotta has accommodated its share of legendary Hollywood characters. Born in the gilded age of film production, Villa Carlotta remains a testament to old Hollywood glamour. The legends of intrigue and elegance permeate the building. Stroll through the Villa Carlotta and feel the creative energy left behind by the musicians, writers and actors that once inhabited the property.


The Neighborhood

Explore the charming neighborhood of Franklin Village, one of America’s most famed and famously populated neighborhoods. Villa Carlotta boasts unrivaled convenience and proximity to the best of the best, and is moments away from Silverlake, Koreatown and DTLA. Not all who wander are lost, but Villa Carlotta is happy to offer curated suggestions if needed.


Unparalleled Amenities and Service

Well-appointed and tailor-made, Villa Carlotta is designed to be your luxurious home-away-from home. Let our uncommon take on Los Angeles luxury provide you with a rich, immersive experience.


The Lobby

There is a vast difference between the outside world and Villa Carlotta. Leave the hustle and bustle outside. Bask in richness in detail and soul of old Hollywood while socializing with your neighbors or enjoying a glass of wine by the fireside.


The Palm Garden

Take a moment of respite in our central courtyard replete with lush landscaping and fountain features.


The Rooftop

Watch your favorite film, host an elegant cocktail party or celebrate a special occasion on the closest rooftop to the famed Hollywood sign.


24-Hour Concierge

Anything you wish, at any hour of the day – we are happy to help you procure it.


Laundry and Dry-Cleaning Services

Your life is not mundane, so why bother with mundane tasks? Stay luxurious, darling.


The Studio

Well-appointed with state-of-the-art Peloton bikes and free weights with the added bonus of an in-house personal trainer and masseur upon request.


Wellness Classes

Elevate your self-care and indulge in curated wellness classes such as breathwork, yoga, meditation and Pilates beside The Pool.


Villa Carlotta invites you to spend your summer with us. With unparalleled luxury and curated experiences, you might even decide to extend your stay. Life is too short to not live glamorously. Give us a ring at 213.320.5951 or visit https://villacarlottala.com/ for more information.