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  • 1926
  • 1927-1950
  • 1950s
  • 1986
  • 2014
  • Today

Sometime In Between

Over the years, Villa Carlotta’s rooms and salons were inhabited by some of the city’s most intriguing denizens and visitors, accommodating an array of legendary Hollywood characters such as gossip columnist Louella Parsons, award-winning director George Cukor and the Oscar-winning producer David O. Selznick. Actors, musicians, writers and creative souls of all kinds came and went, their legends seeping into the building’s very walls.


New Directions

The Lesser family, helmed by Louis Lesser—renowned American businessman and real estate developer—purchased Villa Carlotta sometime in the 1950s, bringing in Tanner & White Properties to manage the building.


Historic Preservation

Villa Carlotta was designated as a Los Angeles historical cultural monument.


New Beginnings

Investment firm CGI Strategies acquired the property to restore and renovate the historical building with a strong focus on maintaining architectural integrity. And, of course, to reignite Villa Carlotta’s nostalgic and glamorous ambiance that Hollywood legends once coveted.



Renovations were complete and a new luxurious era of Villa Carlotta commenced.